Rustic Tile Mold-0915 (1 set of 8 molds)
April 5, 2019
Hexagon Slate Tile Mold-0961 (1 set of 8 molds)
April 5, 2019

Olde Country Hexagon Mold-0960 (1 set of 8 molds)


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The “HOW TO” process is so simple… virtually anyone can do it!

It’s like making a cake! But no oven is needed!


  1. Lubricate the molds. A light vegetable oil will do if you don’t have mold release.
  2. Mix a bag of pre-mix concrete. Get a shovel, water, and something to mix it in.
  3. Add some concrete color, which is optional, unless you want just plain gray.
  4. Pour mix into molds. Vibrate a bit to compact concrete and release air bubbles.
  5. Let the filled molds sit a day or so, undisturbed – over-night is fine.
  6. Carefully flip the molds over the next day and pop out what you’ve created from the mold!

That is obviously a simplified version of the process, but it is that easy and FREE instructions and email support are included with each purchase.

You are purchasing eight (8), 9″x9″x3/4″ nominal, hexagon, slate design, concrete, tile mold #1222 and getting free shipping within the continental USA.
Make custom-colored, hand-crafted tile with these molds. There are four different slate patterns in this style… you will get a mix. Order as many molds as you like at this special price! You could easily spend this much for just one hand-made tile! With our molds, you can make hundreds of sq. ft. for about $0.30 each!


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