Drystack Stackstone Veneer Stone (72 Molds) Business Startup Pkg
February 13, 2020
Castle Stone Business-in-a-Box (72 Molds) CS-2000 BIB
February 16, 2020

Ledgestone Business-in-a-Box (86 Molds) ODL-86 BIB


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Make Thousands of Olde Drystack Ledgestone Veneer Stones for pennies each.
NOTE: Photo of Package may not include everything in your Package and is for illustrative purposes only. Read full description below for exact Package contents. Photos 7-11 are of the molds included, but will be cut apart into smaller groups prior to shipping to make pouring and demolding possible. It is impractical to ship them in full sheets.


ADD ANOTHER COMPLETE 5-SHEET SET OF MOLDS… IN ANY STYLE… TO THIS ORDER, FOR ONLY $359.00 MORE! Saves you more than $40.00 on the set. Ask us how.

We offer many different Business Start-up Packages that allow you to make product for 10% of normal retail and more profit on what you make at home. These stones sell for an average of $6.00 a square foot. Yet cost only about 65 cents a sq. ft. to make!

This package includes 86 different and unique Olde Drystack Ledgestone veneer molds, our CTC-07 Complete Business Start-up Training Course (regularly $599.00), mold release, concrete colors, additives, sealer, training website access, lifetime email and update support, and other benefits that total a value of over $1,300.00!


  • 5 sets (86 total molds) of all different Olde Drystack Ledgestone Veneer Molds
  • CTC-07 Business Start-up Training Course (normally $599.00)
  • 1 quart of commercial MSP Mold Release
  • 5 lbs. Concrete Colorant (1 Brown, 1 Harvest Gold, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Black)
  • 1 gallon of Special Concrete Fortifier/Additive #140-SL.
  • 1 gallon of “Cast Iron” Concrete Additive #253.
  • Lifetime email and product update support.
  • FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA! Or DISCOUNTED SHIPPING to elsewhere in the world!
  • And… A BONUS…You can add additional full sets of any style molds for ONLY $359.00 each!

These 86 Molds will make stone to cover an area of about 20 square feet with each pour.

CTC-07 Business Start-up Training Course:

Visit our CTC-07 – Business Start-up Training Course listing to see what is included in your Training Package in more detail.

The following is a brief description:

  • A 200+ page, “Manufacturing Training Manual” on CD.
  • A 115+ page, “Marketing & Sales Manual” on CD.
  • A full-color “Tile Manufacturing Video” on DVD.
  • An “Olde World Stone & Tile Business Plan” on CD
  • An “Installation & Producer Training Photo Album” on CD
  • An industry-tailored, “Business Forms and Letters” on CD.
  • A $500 Credit towards one of our Commercial Business Packages (CBP-500 or larger)
  • FREE Lifetime email and on-line support for your business.

Now you can be part of the hottest trend in the country – – Custom-colored, manufactured concrete stone, pavers, wall tile, bricks, countertops, and concrete tile flooring, stepping stones, and more. It’s all here… the techniques, table, rack, vibrator plans… and more.

This package includes all material needed to make thousands of square feet of stone, except for the concrete mix and water. No special equipment, experience, or skills are required to make beautiful custom-colored stone for your project… JUST FOLLOW OUR SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS.


For interior wall applications, you can use Plaster of Paris with any of our molds and be done in a fraction of the time it takes concrete to cure! Just add water and color, and pour the mix into your molds!


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